Understanding Interior Design Basics

Interior design is considered to be both the art and the science of improving the interior space of any building in order to adequately serve the needs of the individuals using the space. Interior design includes researching various options, planning and coordinating the implementation of these plans such that the place is optimal -- in terms of functionality, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally considerate and safe for use by human beings.  We explore the basic elements of interior design and why floor tiles redditch are important in interior design.

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The Seven elements of interior design

As with all other professions, interior design has its own set of rules and principles that guide the professionals in coming up with balanced and aesthetically pleasing interior designs. The space, colour, light, texture, pattern, lines and forms are the seven elements of interior designs. The interior designer must consider all seven and should ask themselves these questions: what amount of space is available? What is the optimal combination of empty (negative) and occupied positive) space to create the intended look? Given the size and shape of the rooms, what kind of pieces would be appropriate?

How can one use furniture and furnishing to create vertical, horizontal and dynamic lines in a manner that is either harmonious or contrasting to an acceptable degree? How can one achieve balance amongst vertical, horizontal and dynamic lines? In terms of light, what amount of natural light does the space get and how can this be optimised? What can one use to enhance the lighting in the room in a beautiful way?

Colour and themes

Is there a preferred theme colour or what kind of colour combination is optimal for the space in consideration of the intended purpose? What patterns and fabric textures are appropriate and how can they be combined to achieve the intended look? Can the patterns and texture of different items used be altered from time to time to achieve some level of change?

The role of floor tiles Redditch in interior design

The floor is a significant feature in any building and therefore it plays an important role in interior design. The floor determines the amount of space available to the interior designer to work with while the shape of the floor will determine the focal point of the room and the shape and design of various items. The type of floor: vinyl tiles, hardwood, engineered wood, ceramic tiles, natural stone, porcelain or even laminate floors will also have a great effect on the most appropriate fixtures and fittings, furniture, décor items and so on.

Although in most cases the interior designer will work with the existing floor type, in some case, they may recommend a change. This is informed by the client's brief: the end goal of the project. If the existing floor will hinder the achievement of that goal, then it makes sense to change the floor. However, this is only recommended in extreme cases since altering the floor is a capital intensive affair. Alternatives to this include the installation of floor board covers as well as the use of rugs and carpets around the space.